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Topic: Microsoft Kinect,  practical application for business.

Majority of people see Microsoft Kinect as a toy, game console for kids.
Actually, Kinect is much more powerful instrument and has great potential 
in business. We will discuss it on our meeting.

 - Dmitry Yakovlev, VP of Engineering,
 - Alexey Kozlov, CTO, (please look at Orchestra)

How to monetize our IT knowlege and especially Kinect-related skills?
Listen to Ilya Dinershtein, Startup Accelerator IdealMachine  and
their startup <<Oriense>> CEO Vitaliy Kitaev

Expanding to the West, with the support from Finnish-Russian
project "cooperation with FASIE"


 - Arcady Khotin, co-owner of ZAO Arcadia and Ardin,
co-founder of MobileMonday

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