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We are pleased to invite you to attend our first Kiev Expert Day dedicated to Data Science



Our Experts:

  • Oles’ Petriv (Data Scientist at VideoGorillas): “ Visualization Methods and Data Multivariate Analysis”

Oles’ is sure to present a lot of awesome pictures, 3D videos, and oculus rift real-time imaging of space and “visual words”

  • Igor Kostiuk (Data Scientist at SoftServe): “Artificial Intelligence in Visual Arts”

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning usage in the visual arts and improvement of digital graphics.

These methods can help designers and artists to focus more on the core idea rather than on details and artifact cleaning, create new amazing effects and filters, generate visual styles and ideas.

One of such projects will be discussed in details. It's based on using trainable clustering, neural networks and the approximation of curves.

  • Yeugene Yaremchuk (Data Scientist at QupleTech): "Workflow of the Data Scientist Expertise in 6 Steps. Application at Programmatic Media".

The presentation describes key workflow steps of the data scientist expertise applied to the complicated real-life tasks. For demonstrating approach, it was chosen real-time predictive bidding model at the Programmatic Media. Each step describes a certain issue in careful details. Corresponding solutions are provided as well.

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