Java Tech Talks #6


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Johannes Brodwall очень опытный и международно признанный разработчик и архитектор, выступит на встрече одесского Java Форума с двумя презентациями на английскойм языке. 

Несколько слов о докладчике 

Johannes Brodwall, Chief Scientist.

Johannes Brodwall discovered Extreme Programming more than ten years ago and has been trying to put Agile practices into his programming work since. He works as Chief Scientist for Exilesoft, an Agile offshoring provider, where he pair programs and pair architects locally and remotely with developers and architects in Norway, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

При этом первая презентация будет полезна для разработчиков любого уровня, а вторая потребует немалого опыта разработки за плечами и будет направлена на технических лидеров проектов и подпроектов.

Темы докладов:

1. TDD in the real world: Test driving web applications (devs, 60m)
“Okay,” you say, “I see how TDD can work for your toy example. But it can’t possibly work for a real application where we have to deal with web pages, databases, http and dynamic html.” 

Actually, TDD works really well in real world situations like those on just your project. In this practical talk, I will demonstrate how to write tests for an architectural spike. I will show you which tests are useful, how to write them, and what libraries are available to help you.
If you have tried TDD or thought about trying TDD, but been unable to apply it to real world applications, this talk is for you.
Libraries used to test effectively include Jetty, WebDriver, Mockito, Hibernate, and the Hypersonic database"

2. Lightning architecture: The Simplest Architecture Description That Could Possibly Work (Architects, senior developers, PMs, 60m)

«When you’re responsible to take a software project from an idea in someone’s head to valuable software in use by actual users, there’s a few things you need to think about.
It’s easy both to spend too much and to spend too little time understanding the problem and deciding what to do. In this talk, Johannes Brodwall shares the process he uses when bootstrapping projects for bids or before development starts.

The process consists of seven perspectives: Vision, Stakeholder, Functionality, Context, Physical, Domain, and Implementation. In Johannes’ experience, these perspectives give sufficient information to create a product backlog and to start develop software.
Johannes shares the process of creating the architecture for an actual project, along with the workshops and resulting documentation from the process.»

Стартуем в 18:30 с уже сложившейся традицией на перерыв на пиццу после первого доклада и неформальное afterparty для тех, кто не успел наобщаться во время конференции. 

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