Piter Py #3 / Simone Soldateschi: "Immutable Infrastructure in the Cloud" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 22 апреля 2016 - 23 апреля 2016

Simone Soldateschi: "Immutable Infrastructure in the Cloud"


Immutable Infrastructure in the Cloud

This talk shows how to build, and test machine images when configuration changes, or a new application release is available. Images can be tested, versioned, deployed to upgrade Cloud infrastructure in a blue-green fashion, and restored in case of rollback. The advantage of using Immutable Systems is twofold. In this scenario machine images have been fully provisioned at build-time, then Cloud Servers based off of these images work off-the-shelf. Possible use-cases (not limited to) are in fast-paced environments when new nodes join existing scaling-group, and every second counts. Additionally it reduces risks of failure due to external resources that are either unavailable or slow (e.g. code repository is temporarily unreachable, and configuration agent cannot converge). The Immutable Systems approach sits between Continuous Configuration Management of systems (e.g. Chef, Puppet), and gold-images. The idea being build, test, and version reusable machine images only when required, as in work smarter, not only harder.

Simone Soldateschi
Ireland. Dublin
Senior Service Engineer

Simone is passionate about Cloud technologies, and Task Automation. In the last three years he has successfully designed Cloud solutions, and migrated customers from on premise to Rackspace/OpenStack and AWS Cloud. 

Simone took his Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Robotics, started his career as developer, moved to System Engineering, then joined and led DevOps team at Rackspace. 

He enjoys outdoor activities, cycling, MTB, hiking, scuba diving, as much as art exhibitions, and fine dark chocolate.

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