Piter Py #2 / Hynek Schlawack: "Beyond grep: "Practical Logging and Metrics" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 20 марта 2015

Hynek Schlawack: "Beyond grep: "Practical Logging and Metrics"


Beyond grep: Practical Logging and Metrics

Your Python server applications are running but you’re wondering what they are doing? Your only clue about their current state is the server load? Let’s have stroll through the landscape of logging and metrics so you’ll find the perfect fit for your use cases! Knowing that your application is up and running is great. However in order to make informed decisions about the future, you also need to know in what state your application currently is and how its state is developing over time. This talk combines two topics that are usually discussed separately. However I do believe that they have a lot of overlap and ultimately a similar goal: giving you vital insights about your system in production. We'll have a look at their commonalities, differences, popular tools, and how to apply everything in your own systems while avoiding some common pitfalls.

Hynek Schlawack​
Germany. Berlin
CPython & Twisted core dev. PSF member. FOSS mercenary. Head of infrastructure and board representative at Variomedia

Hynek have the German equivalent of a master’s degree in computer sciences from the University of Potsdam.
His day job is building infrastructure at a hosting provider and domain registrar. Current position of Hynek is Head of infrastructure and board representative at Variomedia.
His main areas of interest are security, networks, and solid deployment practices. Hynek's favorite frameworks are Twisted and Pyramid – depending on the problem to be solved. When it comes to design of any kind, Hynek strongly believes that minimalism always wins.

Twitter / Github Blog

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