Piter Py #3 - Python-conference on Neva River / Fabio Natali: "Python for Constraint Programming, a case study" / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 22 April 2016 - 23 April 2016

Piter Py #3 - Python-conference on Neva River

22 April 2016 (Fri), 12:00 - 23 April 2016 (Sat), 18:00

Fabio Natali: "Python for Constraint Programming, a case study"


Python for Constraint Programming, a case study

In this talk we share our experience working on an optimisation problem for one of our clients. The problem we were asked to solve is a particular variant of the so-called job-shop problem and can be modelled as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem. We briefly describe our journey from understanding to modelling to the implementation of a Python-based solution. In particular we offer an introduction to the third-party library we used as a Constraint Programming solver and we provide some simple examples.

Fabio Natali
UK. London
Reckon Digital Ltd

I am a London-based software developer and consultant. I work for Reckon Digital, a software consultancy I co-founded two years ago. At Reckon Digital we do our best to bring state-of-the-art solutions to an array of international clients from the different sectors of manufacturing, healthcare and cultural heritage. A long-time Free Software advocate, I am interested in the ethical and political implications of technology. I see cryptography and distributed systems as necessary means to defend our digital rights and our society's health.

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