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Agile Space at Symphony Solutions invites you to start your Agile journey with Scrum Basics Class. Taking the class will introduce you to Agile principles and explain the basics of Scrum framework. At the end of the class, you will be able to efficiently work using Scrum, plan, execute and review sprints.

The class aims to instigate a reliable knowledge and skills basis for Scrum and Agile practitioners as well as potential coaches.

The class will be taught by Kseniya Kobryn. Kseniya is a founder of platform Agile Space, an Agile coach at Symphony Solutions, Certified Scrum Professional and SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant.

The average duration of one training session is up to 8 hours. To enhance the educational efficiency, every topic includes interactive discussions, practical exercises, workshops and process simulations.


The event might be captivating for:

  • Project Managers who want to understand Agile principles when leading projects
  • Team and Tech Leads who want to use Scrum in their teams
  • Scrum Masters who are already involved in projects with Scrum
  • Everybody who is interested in Scrum and wants to be the agent of changes when incorporating agile iterative approaches toward development
  • Everybody who wants to be productive when using Scrum framework


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