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    About Red Hat

    What began as a better way to build software—openness, transparency, collaboration—soon shifted the balance of power in an entire industry. The revolution of choice continues. Today Red Hat® is the world's most trusted provider of Linux® and open source technology. Learn more about Red Hat.

    Company profile

    Red Hat® is the world's leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux®, and middleware technologies. Read the company brochure.

    Global events and webinars

    Locate upcoming Red Hat® and open source events around the world. Register for upcoming webinars or watch archived ones on demand. Search by keyword and filter the results by date, region, language, and more.

    Media relations

    Welcome to Red Hat® media relations. Start here to find contact information for inquiries, our corporate fact sheet, and Red Hat trademark guidelines.

    News and press releases

    Keep your finger on the pulse of all things Red Hat® and open source. Search for and read the latest Red Hat news and press releases about our products, services, team members, customers, partners, community activities, and much more.

    Red Hat subscription model

    Stable. Secure. Scalable. Red Hat® subscriptions provide enterprise-ready solutions that you can confidently deploy to manage even your most mission-critical applications.


    Red Hat is dedicated to communities—to our communities of partners and customers and to the communities where we work, live, and play. As Red Hat grows, our impact on these communities and the environment grows as well.

    We will be a responsible member of our global community by building sustainable facilities, reducing our CO2 emissions, energy consumption, landfill waste, and water consumption.


    Who is Red Hat?

    Red Hat® is more than a software company. We're the bridge between the communities that create open source software and the enterprise customers who use it. Red Hat makes the rapid innovation of open source technology consumable in mission-critical, enterprise environments. Read the company brochure.


    Work at Red Hat

    For some, a Red Hat job is all about our technology expertise and the chance to work among the best open source developers. For others, it's the reach of the Red Hat brand or our growing market opportunity. Many people see the unrivaled potential for personal growth that comes through a company so dedicated to its people. And some just want to change the world.

    Featured case studies and videos

    Our featured case studies and videos highlight how our customers use Red Hat® products and services.

    Investor Relations

    Get investor relations information and contacts.


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