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AGILEEE — Agile Eastern Europe Conference — самое яркое ежегодное событие гибкой разработки в Украине и Восточной Европе. В этом, четвертом, сезоне конференция объединяет тематику «гибких» и «бережливых» процессов. Доклады освещают вопросы скорости и продуктивности разработки, особенности многокомандных и распределенных проектов, социальные и командные аспекты работы, вопросы тестирования и другие горячие темы.


“Agileee” stands for Agile Eastern Europe and is an annual and by fact the largest and most well-known Agile conference in the Eastern European.

The first Agileee was held in September 2009. Its success was then exceeded by next Agileee held in October 2010, in September 2011 and in October 2012. All the conferences were held in Kyiv (a.k.a. Kiev), Ukraine, which is nicely placed and easily reached to be a hub for Eastern European agilists.


This event is to bring the regional Agile movement onto the next level by integrating goals and directions of the local communities.

Also it is to integrate the regional Eastern European movement with the World-wide Agile movement by expanding the horizons and by adding new fresh pieces to the multi-cultural mosaic. About a half of conference speakers are well-known industry professionals from U.S, Canada and Western Europe.

Repetitive Success of Agileee

And yes, we’ve been quite successful. More than 1450 international guests visited our event since 2009 and listened to 104 speakers from all over the world.

Important Dates

Call for Paper Start

1 April 2013

Call for Paper End

30 May 2013

Early-bird Ticket Sell Start

1 Jun 2013

Pre-conference Workshops

1-3 Oct 2013

Ice-breaker Party

3 Oct 2013

Banquet Party

4 Oct 2013

Conference Dates

4-5 Oct 2013


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