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    Lohika — Accelerate innovation

    Lohika is the IT software development company specializing in product innovation and engineering services for cutting-edge technology companies. Founded in 2001, till 2012 we have grown to 500+ Software Engineers and 3 developmental offices all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa).

    Lohika provides software engineering services to R&D organizations and high technology companies. We develop partnerships with a wide variety of software companies — from large, public companies (HP, Cisco/Ironport, eBay, Logitech, Skype) to early stage venture-backed companies (Accolo, OpenX, Palamida).

    Our key areas of competency are:
    — Network engineering
    — Mobile applications
    — Quality engineering
    — Web development

    Lohika is a socially-oriented company. That’s why we are constantly working on the extension of our benefits package and always strive to offer more attractive conditions to our employees. Our corporate culture is based on confident work-life balance approach, no overtimes, loyalty in questions of employees demands.

    Now among our benefits you can find:
    — Friendly and highly professional teams
    — Lohika employee, not “project employee” approach
    — Flexible working hours with no overtimes
    — Regular (twice a year) performance reviews
    — Comfortable office facilities (kitchens, gyms, sport activities, yoga, lounge rooms, coffee machines etc.)
    — 20 working days of annual paid vacation
    — Christmas holidays (1-9 January and 18-19 January) and state holidays celebration
    — 5 Lohika days off
    — Paid sick-leaves
    — Premium class medical insurance
    — Maternity leave policies
    — Incentives (marriage, childbirth)
    — Fully paid English classes (twice per week) with own English teachers
    — Bonuses for internal training delivery
    — IT certification
    — Team buildings for each project team and corporate events

    We support various technical events, workshops and conferences. Among our events you can find Java Tech Talks in Odesa office or events for QA engineers, Python community in Lviv and much more. Read about them in blog and find something interesting for you.

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