BizDevCamp «Leadership & Entrepreneurship in the Tiger style», Aviram Eisenberg and Peli “the Tiger” Peled

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Приглашаем всех на серию мастер-классов, посвященных развитию бизнеса и ІТ-продажам BizDev Camp в рамках Business направления на Odessa Innovation Week

5 июля состоится воркшоп от Aviram Eisenberg и Peli “the Tiger” Peled «Leadership & Entrepreneurship in the Tiger style»



A 3 hours workshop on entrepreneurship, innovation and overview of the Israeli High-tech startups market: how did Israel combined entrepreneurial spirit and innovational spirit to create the biggest Sillicon valley outside of the US.

• Leadership & Entrepreneurship in the Tiger style.
• The tiger path to your calling — The road to success in life & business
• Innovation – the source for a successful startup
• Overview off the Israeli High-Tech startup market:

○ World-wide trends to follow
○ Popular verticals for startups
○ Raising funds – how do you do it?
○ Incubators
○ Accelerators
○ Private investors
○ Venture Capital funds

•The High-Tech potential of Ukraine, and how to unleash it



Aviram Eisenberg, CEO, Ignite

Being a software architect, successful businessman and acclaimed speaker, Aviram Eisenberg combines deep technical expertise with solid business understanding. On his successful entrepreneurial road, he became the founder and CEO of Ignite – a 200 people global software development company with offices in Israel, Germany, Austria and Ukraine that specializes in enterprise-scale software development for the High-Tech vertical. Aviram now acts as a serial entrepreneur and as an angel investor, actively investing in many High-tech startups.


Peli “the Tiger” Peled, CEO, People and Computers

Peli “The Tiger” Peled is the editor-in-Chief and joint-CEO of “People and Computers”, the largest media and events company in the IT field in Israel. Peli is a coach and a mentor for Israeli entrepreneurs, and wrote several books about his Tiger philosophy for entrepreneurship. Peli is enthusiastic about inspiring young entrepreneurs and helping them discover the killer instinct within themselves and launch their journey in the Jungle of life, a path of risk yet gain, hunger yet satisfaction, a path of personal business growth to success. Peli a world-wide speaker, giving lectures for increasing your motivation and overcoming the difficulties in life, and is the author of the book “My secret tiger”

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