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Career4it — платформа для общения IT-компаний и профессиональных разработчиков с опытом работы (Team Lead, Project manager, Architect, Engineer, Developer, Programmer и др.). Это возможность пообщаться с ведущими международными и национальными IT-компаниями, узнать о самых интересных новинках в области IT, а также найти интересный проект для своей работы.

Проект GAMEZILLA  — специальный проект для карьерных возможностей и networking в игровой индустрии.

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Все посетители, которые зарегистрировались на выставку 11 октября на сайте сareer4it.com, смогут посетить выставку 29 ноября без повторной регистрации.

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Mark Soderwall

Game Career Coaching, Founder

Mark is a highly influential and motivating industry professional with 20 years development experience. Having Art & Creatively Directed for AAA studios ATARI, EA and LucasArts, including a multitude of Indies, he's run the gauntlet of major production successes and knows exactly what it takes to get it done both in front and behind closed Industry doors. Having 41 published titles in AAA, MMO, Mobile, Casual and Social Gaming, Mark has deposited into top franchises like Star Wars, Clone Wars, LEGO, Matrix and Dungeons & Dragons to multi-million unit successes. One of the top professional consultants in the industry, Mark is now focusing his experience and development knowledge to the Next Generation of gaming talents.

Jesper Lindholt

European Business Association

IT visionary, economist, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Danish near-shore company Kuadriga. 27 years in IT – 9 of them in Ukraine. Always the self-starter, I have a varied career in consulting, IT services and telecommunications. Be it in sales, marketing, product planning or implementation, my key skill is in bringing the right team together and making us perform with power to reach exceptional goals.

Nikolay Savin

GrowthUp Incubator, Managing Director

Nikolay started his career as a volunteer at IDCEE 2008 where he was responsible for projects logistic and projects competition. In 2008 he has joined BayView Innovations company as an analyst. He made market and competitor researches for portfolio companies and also got to work on projects at early stages, choosing projects to present on mass startups events. Overall he co-organized 12 different contests. Since 2008 he has been actively involved in organizing various events for the industry, such as: Startup Crash Test, IDCEE, Entrepreholic and the others for entrepreneurs in Ukraine and Russia. Nikolay, based on his previous experience, developed the concept of business-incubator as an independent direction of business and since May 2010 he is a head of GrowthUp Business Incubator and partner of BayView Innovations company.

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen

How Far Games, Managing Director & Product Owner

I’ve been on the commercial and user-end of the information technology industry for the past 12 years. Specialties: Several years’ experience with software outsourcing; Experienced meta-project manager of agile distributed software development teams; Experienced with pre-sales and client representation in collaboration with Sales; Business process savvy, and a certified ARIS Business Architect; Expert communicator in: English, French, Russian and Danish; People intelligent and social facilitator 

Gustav Henman

Beetroot Resources, Founder​

IT development company based in Ukraine, specialized in web development and design services through teams of dedicated programmers.

Viktor Tsykunov

Microsoft, Developers and Platform Evangelism Lead

Developers and Platform Evangelism department at Microsoft is focused on key new technologies such as Windows 8, Windows Phone and Azure. We are working with professional software developers, IT-professionals and students to ensure adoption of Microsoft platform technologies.

Alla Pestsova

DOPOMOGA IT&Telecom Resources, Director

DOPOMOGA IT and Telecom Resources provides recruitment & outsourcing services to companies specializing in information and telecommunication technologies, as well as for companies interested in IT & Telecom professionals.

Yuri Mykolyshin

Intel Corporation Marketing Manager

Dmitry Ryabokon

Luxoft, Account Manager

IT professional with both technical and managing experience in development and implementing of enterprise data management systems. Key specialties:

Managing simultaneously multiple projects and multi-cultural global teams

Establishing processes for secure of high-quality client oriented deliverables

Identify, analyze risks, plan and implement risk response actions

Demand planning according to the project deliverables and planning process

Follow up software development methodologies, software development lifecycle

Excellent understanding of technology trends and market forces

Strong leadership skills and people influencing/motivation

Pre-sales support, creation of business proposals and SOWs, presentation, negotiation

Provide optimal bid in terms of scope, risks and cost to meet customer expectations

Ensure that plans are in place to have the capability to deliver within agreed timescale

Secure that all project targets are met e.g. progress, quality, cost and budget by using project delivery baseline

Rosy Bellorini

Quandoo.de, Senior Recruiter

Quandoo is an online reservation service for multiple local services such as restaurants or wellness & spas institutes. Quandoo provides business owners with customized reservation systems to enable them to manage their reservations and market free capacities through online and mobile channels. Local consumers can reserve tables or book appointments. In less than 6 months from launch Quandoo has grown across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.​

Sergey Kulimin

ABBYY Language Services

He began his career with ABBYY in 2011 at the Moscow Head Office in the capacity of a marketing localization manager. Since early 2013, he has been acting as a project manager with ABBYY LS Ukraine where he leads and develops localization projects for Ukrainian and Kazakhstan clients. In 2009, Sergey graduated from the Aircraft Engines Department at Samara State Aerospace University, he is also a certified English and German translator.

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