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24-25 октября в самом центре средневекового Львова пройдет GDG DevFest Ukraine — крупнейшее событие связанное с технологиями Google в Украине. В программе ивента воркшопы от лидеров индустрии, хакатон для энтузиастов и конференция. DevFest соберет в одном помещении 350 участников и 28 докладчиков из Google, Intel, Yandex а также Google Developer Expert’ов со всего мира. Конференция будет проходить в помещении кинотеатра "Кинопалац" и будет состоять из трех потоков: Android, Cloud / Web и Community.


Место проведения

Вам приходилось видеть технические презентации на экране кинотеатра? В этом году GDG DevFest пройдет в кинотеатре "Кинопалац", который находится прямо в центре старинного города. Кстати, во время вечеринки на экранах Кинопалаца можно будет сыграть и в Mortal Kombat!


Организаторы фестиваля

Google Developers Group Lviv (GDG Lviv) и GDG-сообщества из всех уголков Украины. Каждая группа — это открытое сообщество разработчиков, которые создают захватывающие проекты и делятся новейшим опытом о технологиях Google. Основной целью GDG является сформировать пространство для обмена опытом и получения новых знаний.

Dawid Ostrowski

Developer Relations Program Manager, Google

Dawid is true technology enthusiast, who loves to work in areas where humans and machines meet to create amazing new products and services. He is experienced program manager with strong technical background, who is able to establish priorities for complex projects and execute across multiple organizations, according to long-term objectives. Dawid has worked in Poland, USA, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands and truly values diversity of international working environment. His most visible characteristics are individualization (when dealing directly with people), ideation&intellection (inexhaustible source of new concepts) and strong communication (experienced trainer, community manager). He is also an activator constantly impatient for action.

Murat Yener

Android Developer, Intel
Google Developer Group Istanbul

Murat Yener is a code geek, open source committer and working in Intel as an Android Developer. He has extensive experience on developing Java, Web, JavaEE and OSGi applications besides teaching courses and mentoring. Murat is an Eclipse committer and one of the initial committers of Eclipse Libra project. He is currently working on building native and Hybrid mobile apps with mGWT.

He is the author of upcoming Professional Java EE Design Patterns book from Wiley.

He has been a user group leader at GDG Istanbul since 2009.

Murat is a regular speaker at conferences like JavaOne, EclipseCon and user group meetings.

Xavier Hallade

Developer Evangelist, Intel

Xavier is Developer Evangelist in Intel Software and Service Group in Paris, France. He is helping developers to improve their support for new hardware and technologies backed by Intel, with a focus on the Android NDK, 64-bit and dual-displays.

Dmytro Danylyk

Android Developer, Lemberg Solutions Limited

Developer. Nominated to apply for the Google Developer Expert Program. Finalist of Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012. Author of open source libraries 1000+ stars. Writer. When Dmytro has free time he is writing technical articles. Speaker. Always trying to share his knowledge & experience on different events. Big fan of android, flat design, stackoverflow, git, Intellij IDEA. Eclipse IDE hater.

Mateusz Herych

Software Engineer, Base CRM
Google Developer Expert Google Developer Group Krakow

Mateusz is an Android GDE and GDG organizer. Works as Android Developer for Base CRM where he uses his android-abracadabras to make enterprise software users more productive.

Konrad Dzwinel

Front-End developer, Making Waves
Google Developer Expert Google Developer Group Krakow

Konrad is a developer at Making Waves, Google Developer Expert for Chrome and co-organizer of Google Developers Group in Krakow. Originally a back-end programmer for five years, he decided to switch to the more exciting, in his opinion, front-end world. At Making Waves he works on hybrid apps, websites and runs internal trainings. After work, he develops Chrome extensions, experiments with various front-end technologies, gives presentations and runs workshops.

Wojtek Kalicinski

Co-founder and CTO,
Google Developer Expert Google Developer Group Warsaw

Co-founder and CTO of a successful interactive agency, these days Wojtek mostly works on mobile apps with his team. He likes to share ideas and experience with other technology enthusiasts during Google Developer Group meetups, which he helps organize. As a Google Developer Expert, he is interested in anything and everything related to Android.

Roman Mazur

Head of Android/Java Unit, Stanfy
Google Developer Group Kyiv

Roman started his way in Android 5 years ago and fall in love with this platform. Currently he is a head of Android unit in Stanfy LLC and a co-organizer of Kyiv Google Developers Group focusing on Android development. Roman is responsible for building a strong team of Android developers inside Stanfy as well as for organizing Android professionals community in Kyiv.

Valentyn Shybanov

Software engineer/country manager, Twinfield
Google Developer Group Kyiv

Valentyn focuses on Polymer and Web Components. In previous roles he’s helped craft design systems for massive enterprise companies, user interfaces for console titles, and even built the occasional enchanted princess game. These days his mission is to fight for a better web and to help developers build great experiences.

Dima Maleev

Mobile Developer, N-iX

Dima is a developer for about 10 years, making his way from junior to technical architect and manager of complex mobile solutions. In the past .NET developer, ex-leader of "Lviv .NET User Group" and one of the organizers of the "Oh, Mobile!" community. A fan of mobile technology and javascript. Makes fun talks all around the world and plays american football:)

Nilay Yener

Product Manager, Eteration
Google Developer Group Istanbul Google Developer Group Women Istanbul

Nilay is co-organizer of GDG Istanbul and GDG Women Istanbul. In this time she has been one of the key organisers of big events such as DevFest and DevFest Women Istanbul. She has been working for Eteration for 5 years.

Michal Tajchert

Android Developer, Polidea

Michal is Android Developer for all kinds of wearables, done programming for things such Oakley Airwave, Glass, Sony Smartwatch, and lately found his place in Android Wear development. He has contributed most of his project to the community and shared his knowledge to the community by organising many of Warsaw GDG meetings.

Kseniia Shumelchyk

Software developer, SoftServe
Google Developer Group Dnipropetrovsk Google Developer Group Women Ukraine

Kseniia is working as software developer at SotServe. For two years she is leader of GDG Women Ukraine and GDG Dnipropetrovsk. Kseniia actively participate in GDG events, techtalks and conferences devoted software development and so on. Regularly she shares among girls an overview about different programs, grants available for women in IT and my own experience how was involved in some of these programs. Developer of several open-source project during Google Summer of Code program. Participant of TechTalk with global Women Techmakers community.

Andriy Nechytailov

Software engineer, Twinfield

Andriy started as junior backend developer at Twinfield about 3 years ago. Ambitious and inquisitive, during work on complex enterprise system he progressed, looked aside new technologies and experimented. Nowadays Andriy trying to balance between stable back-end and unpredictable front-end developments. The main technologies he currently focused on are AngularJS, Dart and Android.

Anton Iatsenko

Developer, Evoldes

Natural born geek. 10+ years as front-end engineer

Yulia Puchnina

Senior Technical Architect, Universal Mind

Javascript-developer with extensive experience in highload applications, games enthusiast promotion on HTML5. Enjoy snowboards, owls and cookies. At conferences typically talking about games and everything connected with them, but this time made ​​an exception.

Denys Butenko

Python Web Developer,
Google Developer Group Luhansk

Denys is a python web developer. He participated and successfully passed the Google Summer of Code 2013 and 2014 years. In his time at Melange (GSoC 2014), he worked on responsive layout for GSoC and GCI. An year ago, at TYPO3, he worked on extension for TYPO3 CMS for OAuth2 protocol. He likes new technologies and devices.

Yaroslav Yaroshevskyy


Yaroslav is one of the leading mapmakers in Ukraine. For last 2 years he mapped around 30000 objects. Wrote more than 50 guides about editing maps in Google Mapmaker for, site used by hundreds of other mapmakers from Ukraine.

Yehor Lvivski

Software Architect, Spatialkey

Yehor is a passionate front end engineer and UX designer. He likes to make useful tools, that help people solve their problems. Currently he is creating a web app, that helps insurance companies save money, and allows you to find a better and safer place to live.

Andrii Komar

Business Associate Intern, Google

Andrii is a business associate intern in marketing at Google Ukraine, focusing on B2C products and brand. Prior to Google, Andrii has been studying in South Korea, Hong Kong and Germany, double majoring in mechanical engineering and business, with the emphasis on technology management.

Roman Herasymenko

E-commerce Team Leader, Privatbank
Google Developer Group Dnipropetrovsk

Roman is Senior Java/Android developer. Currently he is lead of the E-commerce team in Privatbank PSJC and a co-organizer of GDG Dnipropetrovs'k.Roman is interesting in software development for cutting edge technologies and devices like Google Glass and Android Wear.

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