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QA Crash Course for Beginners: Your 3 Day Way to Start QA Сareer
Saratov, 14-16 May 2014

Saratov office of Grid Dynamics invites IT students to take 3-day QA course that will help to learn basics of Quality Assurance. We will give you an opportunity to try yourself as a QA Engineer and probably it will be a start of your successful career in IT.

14 May, 17:00 p.m.

Introduction to QA (Part 1)

  • What is a Quality Assurance and who is a QA Engineer?
  • Why we need QA Engineer on a project?
  • What roles does QA Engineer play in modern Agile-teams?
  • How QA Engineer can provide benefits to the project and lead it to success?
  • Cooperation of QA Engineer with a project team and environment

15 May, 17:00 p.m.
Introduction to QA (Part 2)

  • Areas of responsibilities
  • Different types of testing
  • Artifacts of testing

16 May, 17:00 p.m.
Let’s Get It Started! QA Process. Practice and solutions

  • Preparation for testing
  • Test design (approaches and practices)
  • Creating test cases
  • QA processes
  • How to make a success with such amount of possible verifications
  • Your manager asks for reports. What to do?
  • Differentiation of testing on desktop/mobile/web projects

Participation is free of charge but registration is required. Seats are limited.

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