Droidcon Moscow 2014

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Самая крупная евразийская конференция Android разработчиков Droidcon впервые пройдет в Москве 11-12 апреля 2014.

Ежегодные конференции Droidcon проводятся с 2009 года по всему миру, фокусируясь на технических и экономических аспектах мобильной операционной системы Android.

Мероприятия ставят своей целью расширение коммуникации и сотрудничества между разработчиками и специалистами из Телеком и IT-индустрии в разработке новых форм применения Android платформы.








09.00 - 10.00


10.00 - 10.30

Open Keynote

Google + Augmented Citizen Gestalter + GDG Moscow + Apps4All: Dmitri Martynov + Dan Romescu + Alexey Isachenko + Alexandr Vasiliev

10.30 - 11.00


Keynote by Nokia


11.00 - 11.30


Application in Google ecosystem

Google: Dawid Ostrowski


App Business

Licel LLC: Mikhail Dudarev


3D Printing Industry

Google Developers Group Moscow:Alexey Isachenko


Customer Development for geeks

LaunchGurus:Lawrence Wright

11.30 - 12.00


Intel Android development tools: apps optimization, video & media processing

Intel: Dmitry Rizshkov


Making Games for Glass

Google Developers Group:Vitaliy Zasadnyy


12.00 - 12.30


Location Based Service or Sensors Automotive

Skoobler: Philipp Kandal


UX is the first and foremost

REDMADROBOT: Sergey Galtsev



The Art of Body language

LaunchGurus:Gary Fowler

12.30 - 13.00


Developing of wearable gadgets in our life



Content search problem on Android

GDG Kraków:Herych Mateusz


Developing a cross platform app

6Wunderkinder, Momenta:Jose L Ugia

13.00 - 14.00



14.00 - 14.30




Keynote by Yandex: Mastering cursor adapter: swipe to dismiss pattern

Yandex: Ildar Karimov


Customer Development for geeks

LaunchGurus:Alexey Karlov

14.30 - 15.00


Keynote by Yota



Dealing with multiple platforms and different resolutions

Zeptolab:Korsun Victor


Product development in it-startups

LaunchGurus:Alexey Fillimonov

15.00 - 15.30


Management of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems

Founder Apptual: Thibaut Rouffineau


Promotion of Android applications

Mobio: Alexey Pisarevsky


Product development in it-startups

LaunchGurus:Daniel Kozlov

15.30 - 16.00


Augmented Reality - multifunctional base for e-marketing tools/techniques

3R Studio Mobile: Piotr Koźniews


Mobile Ads in Android apps: Platforms, Monetization, Management

Android Developer Evangelist: Alex Negara


16.00 - 16.10



16.10 - 17.00


Outcome and Starting Hackaton

Participants Hackaton



Barcam and Democamp




09.00 - 10:00



10.00 - 10.30


Keynote by PayPal

PayPal: Tim Messerschmidt

10.30 - 12.00


Workshop by Nokia: "NokiaX for Android developers. Same code base, new user base"

Nokia:Wenhui Lu


Workshop by Intel "Intel Android development tools: apps optimization, video & media processing, practical examples and demos"

Intel: Dmitry Rizshkov



Barcamp start


Democamp start

12.00 - 12.20


Android Geo Apps: In Soviet Russia latitude and longitude find you

GDG Omsk: Alexey Zinoviev

12.20 - 12.40


Android in Square

GDG Omsk:Alexey Korovyansky

12.40 - 13.00


DO's and DONT's for indie Android developers

Denis Nelubin

13.00 - 13.20


Monetization of Android Apps on Examples

Maxim Yudin

13.20 - 13.40


How to deal with different screen resolutions

Whisperarts:Artem Demyanov

13.40 - 14.10



14.10 - 14.30


Creating successful mobile user interfaces: How designers and developers can work together better

Galssoft:Vadim Mityakin


Opening Women Techmakers

Google: Dawid Ostrowski

14.30 - 14.50


Integration of Android tablet PCs and service robots

Wicron:Dmitry Suvorov


Google community ecosystem: we need to go deeper

Google Developer Group:Aygul Zagidullina

14.50 - 15.10

Whisperarts:Oleg Demyanov


Responsive Layout

Google Developer Group:Joanna Chwastowska

15.10 - 15.30


Winners of the contest of ideas

15.30 - 16.00


Democamp winners award ceremony

16.00 - 17.30


Hackaton pitching

17.30 - 18.00




Thibaut Rouffineau

Founder Apptual

Thibaut has been active in the mobile, telecom, software world for the past 10 years as an all-rounder from the research labs, to the telecom shelter, from core network to core OS, from photons to airwaves and from product management to community strategy.

Over the past few years has been heavily engaged in the migration of the mobile industry towards a more open and community led approach to development and innovation. Thibaut with Wireless Industry Partnership, the first marketing agency dedicated to advising and supporting brands with their API and developer ecosystem strategies. Thibaut has contributed to the rise of the European app economy with droidcon London — the largest Android conference in Europe and Mobicap- the first pan-European mentoring network for mobile startups.

His new venture Apptual is looking to help the scaling up and management of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Alexey Isachenko

Google Developers Group Moscow

Organiser of Google Developers Group Moscow, founder of Google Apps Russian community (3500+ members). First russian Google Glass explorer. Being CIO in transport company, focused on Google Apps integration to business processes.

Hobby: 3d Printing/scanning, GDG


Alexey Zinoviev

GDG Omsk

Java developer/Team Lead at Thumbtack Technology.

GDG Omsk Lead Organizer.

Researcher in Computer Science.

Big Data, programming and maps geek.


Passionate mobile and backend application developer.

Work projects are related to Java web-frameworks, Highload, NoSQL, Android, iOS, Google Maps API, Yandex Maps API, Open Street Map technologies. Possibilities of the Hadoop project are used for geo data processing. Research projects are related to large-scale road graph data processing, data mining, machine learning, traffic jams prediction, mathematical models of complex systems.

He is leader of the Google Developer Group Omsk. Also, he organized Android conference and GDG DevFest in Omsk during 2013

Topic: Android Geo Apps: In Soviet Russia latitude and longitude find you


Geo applications as a special type
Geo content in your app
Mobile aspect
Geo location & с (Location Based Services) 

Chapter I: Critical points

Localizing Content
Managing Digital Rights
Targeting Advertising

Chapter II: Maps

Google Maps as a product
Open Street Maps
Other maps providers (Bing, Yandex, Nokia)

Chapter III: Geo Technologies

IP Geolocation
Behaviour of user

Chapter IV: Google Maps Android API

Google Maps Android API v2
Difference between v2 and v1
Quick start guide
Limits and license
Google Maps Android API Utility Library
Easy to play, easy to learn

Chapter V: Alternatives

Bing Maps Android SDK
Yandex Map Kit
Limits and license

Chapter VI: Popular cases

Mobile location gaming
Local deals and offers
Publishing and distributing content
Revenue and cashing

In conclusion

Don’t overlocalize
End of real privacy
Steps to real life


Alexey Korovyansky


GDG Omsk

Founder of GDG Omsk, Mobile Geek

Topic: Android in Square

How you can be magically effective in 2014


Mikhail Dudarev

Licel LLC

Project Founder jCardSim, co-founder Licel.  More than 15 years of experience in banking and financial protection systems against various threats.

Topic: App Business

According to various market research reports the 100 percent of top paid apps for Android were being found in a compromised form on grey markets. This presentation looks on the existing threats and reviewing the protection techniques which are standing against malicious actions from third-parties, such as Ads and In-App Purchases revenue streams rerouting, cracking a licensing system, creating malware based on popular apps, sensitive information stealing. Through this work we will discuss risks associated with tampering, common protection techniques and leading commercial protection solutions.


Piotr Koźniews

3R Studio Mobile

Piotr is educated chemist – technician and master, with a great passion and heritage to creativity. He is self-appointed inventor, visionary, dreamer, working on innovative methods of multidimensional interactions in virtual reality for more native, creative and subtle understanding of 3D environments. He is Chief Conceptual Officer in 3R Studio Mobile dedicated for atractive interactions in Augmented Reality advanced 3D applications, optimization of visual effects in advanced mobile graphics – shaders technology. 3R is working on 3D games in AR and development of mobile presentation methods and technologies. He is also a pioneer in local acadmic, artistic and technical enterpreneurship.


Vadim Mityakin


Topic: Creating successful mobile user interfaces: How designers and developers can work together better.

Daily, we create new, exiting mobile applications. We love how ideas take shape and become reality. And we know, how difficult this process could be. The relationship between designers and developers is key to a successful project.

From the initial collaboration of UX Architect and Designer to development phase, its important to us that the final product reflects all project requirements and details.

This is why we’ve created a unique methodology that not only makes it very easy for designers and developers to speak the same language but also work together in achieving great results.This methodology includes specific communication processes and procedures for preparing design and functionality specifications during all phases of the project.

Today, we would like to share this methodology, and our experience, with you. With special attention on creating Android apps.


Korsun Victor


Born in 1983.
Graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 2006.
Graduated from Yandex Data Analysis School in 2009.
2006-2008 — Galaktika Soft CJSC, system developer.
till 2010 — Alta-Soft LLC, Project Architect.
till 2012 — Zeptolab LLC, Developer.
till 2014 — Zeptolab LLC, Lead Developer.
present — Zeptolab LLC, Head of Client-Side Development.


We will briefly overview our company’s solutions for defining game graphic assets, will touch some aspects of running in different resolutions and physical sizes. I will describe our basic architect cross-platform principles, common problems caused by multiple screen proportions and what kind of changes in game logic these problems may trigger.


Jose L Ugia

6Wunderkinder, Momenta

Head of Android @ 6Wunderkinder and Co-Founder and main driver of Momenta

Topic: Developing a cross platform app

«The topic I’d love to present about would be about putting together the 2 most important parts when developing a cross platform app (client + api development). The talk will be built around a test case product with an Android client and API on Google App Engine (Python or Go)»


Denis Nelubin

More than 10 years in IT. System administrator: made first dedicated lines in Omsk. Developer: wrote billing system in Perl, Forex in Java, web apps in PHP, writing scripts in Python, mobile apps for Android (made a dozen of small free Android tools, most of them got tens thousands of downloads). Manager: led projects, teams, departments. Tech director: invented tasks, investigated technologies, estimated projects, taught colleagues. System architect: learch opportunities, invent solutions, share experience.

Topic: DO’s and DONT’s for indie Android developers

I have some experience in buiding small Android applications. Not games, but tools. And many of my tools were downloaded tens thousands times from Google Play and have a star rate more than four. All these tools were made by two hands and one brain of mine.
So, I’ve got some rules to build a successful Android application. And I’ve got answers to some frequenly asked questions. I’m going to share my knowledge to you.
What is a good rate or bad rate of the app? How to talk with users?
Does an UI design matter? What is mobile usability?
What are the core principles to build a good Android application?
Where to host sources? Which license to use? How to build?


Zagidullina Aygul

Head of Android @ 6Wunderkinder and Co-Founder and main driver of Momenta


Artem Demyanov


Mobile Java Developer. Programming Java more than 5 years, Android more than 3 years. Today is the team leader, control the process of development children’s mobile applications for all platforms. Kids mobile applications developed by Artem are in TOP 10 Google Play in Education section. Has the experience of speaking at conferences.

Topic: How to deal with different screen resolutions. Practical tips from the real development experience.

- Methods for the preparation of content for different resolutions
- Ability to use vector images in applications
- Automating the process of preparing content for different resolutions

суворов (1)

Dmitry Suvorov

Wikron LLC

Dmitry Suvorov. I have graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the Robotics Department. I am a co-owner of the Wicron company. I am a chief information officer at Wicron.
I have started developing robotics at the third course of the university. I was developing robotics for international robotics competition in the students team. My first commercial robots were robot for exploring ventilation and robot-actor for theater of robots. The first big bussiness project was the telepresence robot Webot (https://wicron.com). Now I also work on a project of the home intelligent assistant Lexy (http://lexybot.com)

Topic: Integration of Android tablet PCs and service robots

1. Tablet computer is a multimedia center of your home.
2. Possibilities of modern tablet computers for interaction with other devics.
3. Controlling the remote presence robot Webot from Android devices.
4. Communication with intelligent assistant Lexy via smartphone.


Dmitry Rizshkov

Dmitry Rizshkov has more than 15 years’ experience in software development. Currently working as Software Architect at Intel.

Ildar Karimov_Yandex (1)

Ildar Karimov


Ildar develops Android products at Yandex. He’s been involved in Android development for more than five years. Ildar played a crucial role in the development of Yandex.Kit (firmware for Android smartphones) and 3D Yandex.Shell interface. He also lectures at Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Before joining Yandex, Ildar worked at SPB Software, where he led the development of SPB TV, a mobile TV solution that won the second Android Developer Challenge.

Topic: Mastering cursor adapter: swipe to dismiss pattern


Sergey Ermilov

Yota Devices

Ui designer & Art-director, Concept Designer. Worked in NPTV Digital October project, conceptualizing interfaces for Interactive TV Experience. Currently building Interface Systems for YotaDevices.


Understanding user experience when using always-on devices. Cons and Pros of always-on, problems solved by it, proactive content consumption vs active one. EPD as a first step to always-on. Designing UI elements for EPD.


Vitaliy Zasadnyy

Google Developers Group

Mobile developer, Google Developers Group and Gamedev Community Lviv co-founder. Interested in GameDev, Android, iOS, Google App Engine and community management. Used to work for enterprise giants like EPAM as well as for product companies such as NRavo. Nowedays leading team focused on Unity 3D game engine. TEDx speaker.

Topic: Making Games for Glass

Glass games ideology or why Counter Strike is not the best idea;

Resources and sensors we can use in our games;

Tools and frameworks for Glass gamedev


Alex Negara

Android Developer Evangelist

Topic: Mobile Ads in Android apps: Platforms, Monetization, Management

«We are living in a digital world, so, many of us are using of mobile devices (phones, gadgets, wearables).
We are seing tons of advertisements and clicking-clicking-clicking on them in order to distract ourselves.
For the App Developers it’s good way to get money from the scratch, simply, use AdMob’s code, Google’s powerful tool for mobile ads.
About tips & tricks, affiliates, earning and other I will speak at DroidCon Event»


Maxim Yudin

Founder of JQ Soft team which develop own Android apps since 2008 year.
I worked in big russian company Ozon.ru as Lead Android Developer and now
I’ve been working at HeadHunter, a large job service company.


Alexey Pisarevsky


- More than 6 years in Mobile.
- 2007 — starts to promote mobile apps in in Paragon Software
- 2010-2012 leads the mobile app development studio
- 2012-2013 leads the mobile ad network
- From the beginning of 2013 — CEO of Mobio — full-service mobile app marketing platform
- Marketer with the mathematical education, graduated from the faculty of applied mathematics in MIPT


Joanna Chwastowska

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Joanna works at Google in Krakow, Poland. She’s started on the team that invented and released Google Feedback — tool for gathering user reports across all Google products. Next, moved to GoogleTv, where she led an effort of launching Play Store on that platform. Recently part of the team responsible for ‘music heard on TV’ card in Google Now.

During last 7 years in the company she worked mostly on different mobile and web applications, learning about bright and dark sides of UI designs.

Topiс: Responsive Layout

In the talk she will touch on new trends in designing cross-devices applications. She’ll share some tips and tricks on how, with minimal effort, to make a huge difference for the users. And how to design applications that simply «feel right» in the mobile era

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