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Прошлой осенью на Yet another Conference 2013 наш гость из Австралии Том Файфилд рассказал об OpenStack — платформе для создания частных и публичных облачных сервисов и хранилищ. 20 марта разговор об этой технологии продолжит Марк Бейкер из компании Canonical. Он поделится своим опытом работы с облаками на базе OpenStack и Amazon Web Services.

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OpenStack has the potential to deliver the agile, flexible infrastructure that businesses will need to compete in a fast changing global economy. For many users though, OpenStack appears complex and challenging to manage. During this session Mark Baker gives examples of how real users of OpenStack in production are addressing key operational requirements and will use live demos to show how Ubuntu OpenStack and automation tools can be used to simplify service delivery and make cloud life a lot easier.


Mark Baker

Mark started his career with Oracle before moving to Red Hat, and then MySQL. Mark now works in Product strategy at Canonical, the company behind the operating system of choice for cloud applications: Ubuntu. A techie at heart Mark likes to get his hands dirty whether it is building clouds using OpenStack or application infrastructure on EC2.


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