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XP Days in Ukraine

In the middle of the autumn training center XP Injection invites all of you in Kiev to take part in XP Days Ukraine conference, completely devoted to Agile engineering practices. XP Days Ukraine is more than a conference. We plan to provide participants with ability to gain new practical skills in addition to new ideas and theoretical knowledge from conference talks. First two days (October 9-10) will be filled with trainings and workshops. The next two days (October 11-12) will be in usual conference format with talks and master classes.

Such events are quite popular in different countries. First XP Days in Ukraine was organized in 2011 and gathered more than 300 participants from 8 countries. This event is a great chance not only to communicate with industry leaders and listen to their talks but also participate in practical training or workshop. Last year 9 workshops was run in first 2 days. Conference was really international – speakers from 12 countries visited XP Days Ukraine in 2012.

Engineering practices as a topic for this conference was chosen because the most important part of every development process is code creation. And XP (eXtreme Programming) methodology provides set of great practices that help to create high quality code quickly and with low risks.

Talks on the conference will cover all main engineering practices: Unit Testing, TDD, Continuous Integration, BDD, Code Review, Refactoring, Acceptance Testing, etc. Such questions as architecture in Agile projects, technical debt, communication between developers and testers will also be discussed. We will try to invite authors and key developers of different modern development tools that support engineering practices. Participants will have ability to ask them questions and share beer in the evening.

We would be happy to see on XP Days Ukraine developers, QA engineers, team leaders, architects, project managers and all others who use engineering practices in their teams and love to work in this way. If you want to improve your skills and get some new fresh ideas from our speakers this is right event for you! Join us, you will have great time!

Mikalai Alimenkou

XP Injection / ZoralLabs, Ukraine

Java Tech Lead and Scrum Master. Expert in Java development, scalable architecture, Agile engineering practices and project management. Having more than 9 years of development experience, specializes on complex distributed scalable systems. Active participant and speaker of many international conferences. Founder and coach in training center XP Injection. Organizer and founder of Selenium CampJEEConfXP Days Ukraine and IT Brunch conferences. Founder of active “Anonymous developers club” (uadevclub).


Axel Fontaine

Snow Mountain Labs, Germany

Axel Fontaine is an entrepreneur, public speaker, software development expert and independent consultant based in Munich. He specializes in Continuous Delivery and hates complexity with a passion. He is the founder and the project lead of Flyway, the agile database migration framework for Java. He regularly speaks at technical conferences. You can find him online at axelfontaine.com and on Twitter as @axelfontaine.



Paweł Lipiński

Pragmatists, Poland

A programmer with over 14 years of professional experience, solution architect, team coach and trainer in agile processes and practices. Frequent speaker on Java and Agile conferences. Co-creator of Agile Warsaw group. Author of tumbler-glass, a BDD framework for Java. For over 3 years leads a software house in Warsaw called Pragmatists, this way he’s realising and verifying what he talks about.



Alexander Beletsky

Alexander Beletsky

Economic, Ukraine

Software developer with near 10 years of practical experience. Used .NET in the past as main technological stack for web applications development in cloud environment. At the moment switched to front-end development on JavaScript. Devoted to the mysteries of TDD kung fu, Refactoring karate, Continiuos Delivery zen. Also practices Coding Kata to understand the truth of being software developer. Trainer of XP Injection training center.



Andrey Dzynia

Ciklum, Ukraine

Expert in QA and testing automation. Speaker of many local and international conferences. During professional career gained practical experience with wide set of tools and techniques for software testing automation. Andrey implemented many successful testing strategies for commercial produces, that are still live. Also he is interested in personal effectiveness and software testing community in Ukraine. One of the organizers and founder of Testing Dojo in Ukraine and Ukrainian Testing Days conference, trainer of XP Injection training center.

Sergey Kalinets

Universal Mind, Ukraine

Sergey works in software development for more than 12 years, 8 of them on .NET stack. He actively uses TDD for near 6 years. Author of tdd4.net resource and trainer on engineering practices. Sergey is active member of kyiv.alt.net community and “Anonymous developers club” (uadevclub). Has experience as developer, ScrumMaster, team lead and project manager.




Izzet Mustafaiev

EPAM, Ukraine

Software engineer working in EPAM Systems with primary skills in Java, with hands on Ruby/Groovy. As for XP/Agile practices interested in TDD/ATDD/Clean Code, CI, CD, DevOps practically.





Andrey Rebrov

ScrumTrek, Russia

Started IT career as software developer in Magenta Development. After graduating worked as Senior Java Developer in Luxoft, UBS Investment Bank Departmant with goals not only development, but also agile process improvement, team coordination, test automation and etc. Beside of that joined Luxoft Agile Practice and provided agile consulting service. At the moment works in ScrumTrek team as coach and consultant and now help russian companies improve and transform their product development process making focus on engineering practcies as TDD, ATDD, AFT, Refactoring, Continuous Deployment and etc. Moreover in 2012 Andrey founded Russian Software Craftsmanship Community, which goal is popularization and knowledge/experience sharing between software engineers. He facilitates different meetings and activities such as Code&Coffee, Coding Dojos, etc.

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